Texas- en Carolinarig

Texas and Carolina rig

By Joran van Ingen

Fishing with the Texas or Carolina rig is still relatively unknown in the Benelux and that’s a pity. This set up is hugely effective, especially when used on high pressured waters and the results may really surprise you.

The Texas rig is made using a 70cm length of fluorocarbon, a hook, a bullet shaped weight and rubber bead or stopper to protect the knot. Additionally, you can use a glass bead which you put between the rubber bead and the weight. The glass bead provides an attractive sound when hitting the weight, which at times can be really attractive for all predator species.

Texas En Carolinarig 1 577Px
Texas rig

The Carolina rig has some distance between lure and weight, thanks to the use of a swivel or 2 rubber stoppers, whilst the Texas rig has the weight directly after the soft lure. As a starting point, try a separation length of about 30cm. The advantage of the rubber stops is that you can change your rig quite easily from Carolina to Texas rig by sliding the stops all the way down to the hook.  

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The Carolina rig with swivel and rubber stops

When to try each technique.

The Texas rig comes into its own when you are required to fish ‘weedless', between lilies or weed beds. Use an offset hook such as the Gamakatsu Worm EWG and hide the hook point in the softbait.

A huge benefit of the Carolina rig is that you can fish it very slowly, especially during the winter, a massive advantage when the fish are lying passively on the bottom. The distance between hook and weight ensures neutral buoyancy of the lure, allowing the lure to be taken easily. When using the rubber stops you can adjust the rig to suit the circumstances. For example, if the fish are very active, you may choose a shorter distance between hook and weight. If the fish are less active, then try adding more distance so the bait has more time to sink and stay in sight of the fish longer.

The Carolina rig I use is made with a Gamakatsu Worm 39 hook size 2 or 4 (depends on the size of the lure) and I mount the softbait the same as I normally do like the dropshot method. Ideal softbaits for these techniques are so called creature baits and worms.

Texas En Carolinarig 3 577Px
Zander on the Texas rig

With both techniques you retrieve the weight in such a way that the lure will hop and skip down to the bottom. If you want the best results with the Carolina rig, opt for a floating softbait.

For these rigs I normally use a 0.30mm fluorocarbon line and a hook size depending on the size of the lure as mentioned before. The weight of the bullet sinker I choose depends on the size of the bait and the conditions such as the type of water. For example; if you fish on a deep lake you will need more weight and of course it works in the opposite way when you fish shallower waters. For this technique I prefer a fast action spinning rod with a length 8’ or 9’ in combination with a braid of at least 0.12mm to have maximal control and feeling.

Texas En Carolinarig 4 577Px
Needed materials

Give it a try and you could be surprised!

Good luck!
Joran van Ingen

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 Texas- en Carolinarig

Fishing with the Texas or Carolina rig is still relatively unknown in the Benelux and that’s a pity. This set up is hugely effective, especially when used on high pressured waters and the...

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