Pre Tied Pellet Topper: Gamakatsu Lasso Pellet Hair Rigs

Pre Tied Pellet Topper: Gamakatsu Lasso Pellet Hair Rigs

By Johan Prouvost

The pre-tied Lasso Pellet Hair Rigs are a godsend for angling with pellets which are commonly used on commercial lakes.

Lasso 1

One of the big advantages of the Lasso Pellet Hair Rig is the fact that the bait hangs free under the hook so an optimal hook setting is ensured. This also lets the bait to move freely and naturally underwater so that no suspicion arises with feeding fish.

The step-by-step guide to the Lasso Pellet Hair Rig:

Lasso 2
Open the lasso…

Lasso 3
… place the pellet in the centre of the lasso…

Lasso 4
… pull the lasso tight and you are set.

The pellet can be set quite tight so you can catch multiple fish with the same pellet. It saves time! You can also fish the lasso rig in combination with Cresta SpeedPellets. These artificial pellets have a ridge in the centre allowing an even tighter fit in the lasso.

Lasso 5
SpeedPellet in combination with the Lasso Pellet Hair Rig, very effective!

In the case your bait is lost, it is easy to reopen the lasso with a needle that has a cone point you will find this at the rear end of the Cresta Mini Bait Drill and the Micro Stopper Bait Needle.

Lasso 6

The 20 centimeter pre-tied lasso-rigs can be used for pole, feeder and waggler and are available in hook sizes 10 to 14 for 6 and 8mm pellets. Line diameters vary form 16/100 up to 20/100, so you can adapt to any kind of condition quickly and easily.

Lasso 7
An extremely effective way to catch carp!

Tight lines!

Johan Prouvost

For more information about the Gamakatsu Lasso Pellet Hair Rig, click here.

Like to learn more on the Cresta SpeedPellets, click here.

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