PikeFighter Clublid Henk Broers: ‘Accurate and Reliable’

PikeFighter Clublid Henk Broers: ‘Accurate and Reliable’

By Henk Broers

Gamakatsu’s braided line seems to be a real eye-opener to many predator fishermen. The G-Power Premium Braid Neo is braided from a unique and advanced type of polyethyleen fibres to create a perfectly round line with a high breaking strength to diameter ratio. Thanks to the ultra-pitch braiding structure, the line has very low resistance in the water and allows much better feeling and control when fishing vertical, diagonal or when casting.

Besides many others, Gamakatsu’s braid has become the favorite of Henk Simonsz, Yvo Bindels, Han van den Eertwegh and other members of the PFC (PikeFighter Club). You are simply much more and better in control of your lure.

G Line Neo 577 1
G-Power Neo is Henk Broers favourite too.

Henk says: ‘Especially on rivers you instantly note the difference. The braid is really tightly woven so it cuts through the water easily. It has a lot less resistance and fishes much more accurately.

And the breaking strength – on the knots too- is just perfect. During vertical fishing I suddenly got a hammering strike from this slab. This mama pike gave a really good fight but finally did not manage to avoid my landing net. I landed this one on a 9/00 line… The Gamakatsu Neo braided line is very accurate and reliable.

G Line Neo 577 2
On a 9/00 line

Gamakatsu braid is available in moss green and fluo yellow on 135 and 2,000m spools.

More information on Gamakatsu’s braids you can find here.

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 PikeFighter Clublid Henk Broers: ‘Accurate and Reliable’

Gamakatsu’s braided line seems to be a real eye-opener to many predator fishermen. The G-Power Premium Braid Neo is braided from a unique and advanced type of polyethyleen fibres to create...

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