Akilas Seatrout Master

A modern classic: Akilas Seatrout Master

Gamakatsu Akilas rods can be categorized as specialist spinning rods. The range contains 2 and 5 section rods, the latter are perfect for the travellers amongst us and for anglers that just want the comfort of a short transport length.

For 2017 a new model is added to the wonderful Gamakatsu rod series; the Akilas Seatrout Master. Looking at the action and length, it is a classic dressed with the finest of components, forming a modern classic, made specially for seatrout fishing.

Gamakatsu Akilas Seatrout 577 001
Beautiful rods for incredible seatrout fishing

Je zou kunnen zeggen dat de Akilas Seatrout Master een parabolische actie heeft, echter je voelt duidelijk dat de top redelijk zacht en

You could say the Akilas Seatrout Master has a parabolic action, but in reality it is slightly progressive; the tip is quite soft and quickly the blank stiffenes towards the handle.

This action combined with its length of a little over 3 meters, makes it the perfect saltwater rod for casting with light spoons, little plugs up to heavier classic seatrout spoons and sbirulinos.

The 2-pc. Akilas Seatrout Master weighs 246 gram and has a casting weight of 8-35g allowing a wide range of lures and techniques which are commonly used for seatrout fishing.

Want to know more about this and other Akilas rods, check it here.

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 A modern classic: Akilas Seatrout Master

De Gamakatsu Akilas-hengels vallen in de categorie specialistische spinhengels. Ze zijn strak en luxe afgewerkt. De range heeft 2-delige én 5-delige hengels. Die laatste zijn perfect voor reislustige...

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