About us

GAMAKATSU – the legacy


Gamakatsu was founded in 1955 by the late Shigekatsu Fujii, a visionary man that took great pride in manufacturing the highest quality fish hooks in Japan. He stood at the cradle of innovative techniques, machines, materials and production methods that have forever changed the fish hook business world-wide.


These days, Gamakatsu is still a privately owned company and a renowned tackle brand the world over. It is hard to imagine it all started back in 1955 as what was probably the smallest hook plant in Japan by one man that knew he could make hooks better…



GAMAKATSU – the history


1955 – Gamakatsu starts to manually produce fish hooks.


1963 – Gamakatsu introduces a new automated heating facility that catapults the brand to the forefront of the Japanese market.


1974 – Gamakatsu introduces fully automated hook making machines and decides to build a second factory in order to meet the demand.


1976 – Gamakatsu is now an established and leading Japanese hook manufacturer and decides to set-up a new factory for high quality fishing rods; especially for the Japanese market.


1986 – All manufacturing machines are upgraded in order to expand the production line.


1987 – Gamakatsu Co. Ltd becomes a major manufacturer with a full line of high quality fishing hooks, rods, clothing and other fishing related items.


1988 – After upgrading the automated tempering facilities and expansion of the hook factory, Gamakatsu Co Ltd. in Japan opens its first off shore business in Thailand, Gamakatsu International Co. Ltd. This facility was built for snelling, rigging, tying flies and packing hooks that are produced in Japan.


1989 – Gamakatsu opens its new manufacturing facility in China, Gamakatsu Shantou Co. Ltd. This factory is designed for packing hooks that are produced in Japan.


1992 – Gamakatsu opens its sales office and distribution center in the United States, Gamakatsu USA Inc. in Tacoma, Washington.


1994 – Spro BV becomes the official distributor of Gamakatsu products in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.


1997 – Spro Corp. in Kennesaw, Georgia opens its doors to distribute Gamakatsu hooks in the Eastern United States

1999 – Spro Deutschland GmbH opens its doors to serve one of the largest fishing tackle markets in Europe, Germany, more effectively.

2000 – Gamakatsu opens its international sales office in Singapore, Gamakatsu Pte. Ltd.


2010 – Gamakatsu opens its sales office in China, Guangzhou Gamakatsu Trading Co. Ltd., because China has a major sales potential for fishing hooks and other high quality fishing products.



GAMAKATSU – the environment has our attention


Since 1955, Gamakatsu has strictly stuck to the theme of "Nature and Technology". We work hard to develop new, hi-tech products that benefit the outdoorsman without adversely effecting the environment. Gamakatsu's policy of technical development has always been "the best of quality". Gamakatsu is always searching for new ways to make our existing products better in addition to constantly looking for unique products that are not yet available. We believe that only this attitude can give our customers the best they deserve!



GAMAKATSU – the quality of our hooks


Gamakatsu hooks are the cornerstone of the Gamakatsu company and renowned worldwide. It is the methods, the technology and the materials that make our hooks superior to the other brands.


First of all, the most premium grade of High Carbon Steel is used to manufacture Gamakatsu hooks.


Using cheap, low quality materials results in hooks and points that are weak and not truly sharp. In close cooperation with a material manufacturer, it was actually Gamakatsu that developed this unique material specifically for manufacturing fishing hooks; the material that is now known as High Carbon Steel.


Not only does this material contain a higher percentage of carbon, it also has no impurities. This insures protection against any blemishes in the metal that can weaken the hook.


Secondly, Gamakatsu has the most advanced tempering system in the world.


This enables hooks to be tempered in a stable condition. Every hook is heated to the exact temperature that is perfect for that particular style and size then cooled in oil. This process produces hooks which are super strong, but not brittle. It is extremely difficult to achieve a balance between strength and flexibility, and it took many years for Gamakatsu to perfect this process. This is why we make better hooks.


Finally, Gamakatsu is famous for sharpness!


Last but not least, our sharpening process is the most modern one in the world and results in a perfectly conical point that is unequalled in sharpness.


Gamakatsu manufactures in large volumes, with a consistently high quality, extremely sharp hooks. The life of a fishing hook is measured by the sharpness, hardness, and viscosity of the point. This has resulted in Gamakatsu earning the anglers' trust throughout the world and it has earned Gamakatsu its major market share.



GAMAKATSU – all over the world


Gamakatsu products are used worldwide. With offices and distribution channels located around the world, we are able to research our markets and develop unique products that meet the needs of even the most demanding anglers. We take pride to be whom and what we are. We are GAMAKATSU.